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EA 90A, 91A


EA90A,EA91A are force-balanced electro-pneumatic valve positioners used for control valve to control the valve opening position precisely converting electric signals from controller into pneumatic pressure.

EA 90A, 91A
EA 90A, 91A
EA 90A, 91A structure
EA 90A, 91A structure

1. EA91A conforms to “ExsdIICT6” (Explosion Proof type)
2. EA91A is available to use in d2G4 area.
3. EA91A is available to use in flammable and explosive gas atmospheres including Hydrogen and Acetylene.
4. EA90A conforms to “ExiaIICT5” (Intrinsic safety type)
5. Applicable for both globe and rotary valve.
6. Low consumption of Air using low flow pilot.
7. Automatic or manual change by one touch operation.


EA 90A, 91A Specification