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Air Filter Reducer


Air Filter Reducer
Air Filter Reducer

Shanghai Enine produced air filter decompression is mainly used in pneumatic pipes, adjust the air supply pressure, filter the compressed air, makes the output air supply pressure stable, the air clean, ensure the normal running of pneumatic device. Working conditions:
1, temperature is -25- + 56 degrees Celsius
2 relative humidity is 5-95%
3 vibration frequency less than 25Hz, amplitude less than 0. 5mm.
4 air can not contain the harmful impurities that is corrosive to reducer.

Parameters and dimensions

type GFH-111 GFH-211 GFH-212 GFH-213 GFH-221 GFH-222 GFH-223 GFH-241 GFH-243 GFH-261 GFH-263
air source pressure (MPa) 0.3~0.7 0.4~0.7 0.5~10 0.7~10
Max. output pressure(Map) 0.16 0.25 0.4 0.6
Max. output energy
(m3/h)standard state
3 12 40 3 12 40 3 40 3 40
connecting female thread M10×1 G1/2〞 G3/4〞 M10×1 G1/2〞 G3/4〞 M10×1 G3/4〞 M10×1 G3/4〞