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Angle Stroke Electric Actuator


Angle Stroke Electric Actuator
Angle Stroke Electric Actuator

Angle stroke electric actuators in automatic adjustment systems, according to regulating instrument signal change, control change adjusting mechanism (valve) displacement meter. DKJ angle stroke electric actuator can be equipped with transmitter, regulators etc, it uses power supply as power, accepting 4-20mADC or 0-10mADC signal, converting input signal corresponds with the angle displacement, automatic control valves, butterfly valves, ball valve and other regulating actuators, finishing the automatic adjusting task, or equip with electric device to achieve remote manual control. This instrument can be widely used in power plant, steel, chemical industry, light industry, etc.industrial departments regulating system. Angle stroke electric actuators have continuous adjustment, manual control and on-site manual operation three control methods. Shanghai Enine produced angle stroke electric actuator is applied to non-corrosive gases, -25℃-+70℃ environmental temperature, relative temperature ≤95% occasions.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

input signal:Q-10mADC、4-20 m ADC
output shaft torque: see following table
input resistance:220Ω(Ⅱ)、250Ω(Ⅲ)
input passage:3 isolated passage
intrinsic error:±2.5%
back differential:±1.5%
dead zone:≤3%
power voltage:220V、AC、50Hz
output shaft corner scope:0-70、0-90
environmental conditions:(1)environmental temperature: servo amplifier -25-50℃, actuator -25℃-+70℃
(2)relative humidity: servo amplifier 10%-70%, actuator ≤95%

Specifications table

type, specification output signal
(MA. Dc)
stroke switch
with ☆ without△
output shaft torque
output shaft rotating time
ZKJ-210 0~10 100 100±20% 31
ZKJ-210X 0~10
ZKJ-210C 4~20
ZKJ-210C-X 4~20
ZKJ-310 0~10 250 48
ZKJ-310X 0~10
ZKJ-310C 4~20
ZKJ-310C-X 4~20
ZKJ-410 0~10 600 86
ZKJ-410X 0~10
ZKJ-410C 4~20
ZKJ-410C-X 4~20
ZKJ-510 0~10 1600 145
ZKJ-510-X 0~10
ZKJ-510-C 4~20
ZKJ-510C-X 4~20