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Electric Valve Intelligent Manual Locator


Electric Valve Intelligent Manual Locator
Electric Valve Intelligent Manual Locator

ZXQ98 (hereinafter referred to as locator) can equip with the potentiometer or standard current feedback electric actuator, supporting various valve for accurate positioning operation, show intuitionally, convenient operation. It is widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical industry, building materials, machinery, cement, pharmacy, food, wine, papermaking and other industry electric valve accurate control.

Free choice, auto/manual way, Unique TOYI input signal filter algorithm, effective in normal times the divisor input signal range of peak pulse signal, and maintain eight times/sec sampling speed and technical index accuracy, Parameter display, at the same time, show the valve position measurements, setting, convenient observation and debugging, With simple, automatic calibration, electronic brake, frequently, test and control functions, Convenient positioning accuracy adjustment, ensuring positioning stably, achieve the function of settling a matter at one go. , positive/reaction can be set and output upper limit and lower limit function.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

Power supply: 100~240VAC, less than 8W (other power supply voltage can be customizable)
environmental temperature: 0-50 ° c and humidity 35 ~ 85%
external and tapping size: wide x high x depth: 96x96x110mm tapping: 91+1×91+1mm
Show Scope: 0.0-100.0%
Show Precision: 0.1%
Positioning accuracy: highest locating precision: ± 0.1%
Can accept electric actuator feedback signal: potentiometer: 500Ω~5KΩ
Current: 4-20mADC
Input: standard current/voltage: 4~20mA/1~5ADC (other input signal can customize) and input impedance is Ω 250
Output: (positive/reaction selection and output upper limit and lower limit function)
1. output relay contacts and communication capacity: AC 250V, 3A
2 valve opening feedback signal equal percentage simulation output: 4 ~ 20MA
Can be set parameters:
(1) power on state (2) minimum set opening (3) maximum set opening (4) positioning accuracy (5) signal input unusual movement or shielding
The calibration parameters:
(1) the actuator span zero (2) actuator span full range (3) input signal zero, full (4) output signal zero, full