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Explosion-Proof Stroke Switch


Explosion-Proof Stroke Switch
Explosion-Proof Stroke Switch

Switch itself concurrently has the explosion-proof specification, anti-compression explosion-proof tectonic box, realize miniaturization, sealing structure
Explosion-proof structure: Exdell CT6
Temperature level, T6(above 85℃,below 100℃)
explosion-proof level: IIC (hydrogen, carbon bisulfide)

Technical parameters and performance indicators

protect structure IECspecification:IP67、JIS: Prevent immersion type
life*1 mechanical*2 Above 2 million times(operating stroke 40°);
above 1.5 million times(operating stroke 60°)
electrical equipment*3 Above 50 thousand time(AC250V 2A impendance loading)
above 2 million times(DC24V20mA impendance loading)
allowed operating speed *4 1mm/s-1m/s
minimum applied loading DC24V、20mA
allowed operating frequency mechanical 120次/min
electric equipment 2次/min
insulation impedance Above 100MΩ between each terminal and ground connection(DC500V)
contacting impedance Below 50mΩ(initial value)
homopolar terminal AC1000V(below leakage current 10mA)
each terminal and connecting ground AC2000V(below leakage current 10mA)
each terminal and non-charging metal AC2000V(below leakage current 10mA)
shake malfunction 10-55Hz complex amplitude 1.5mm
lash durable Above 1,000m/s*s(above 100G)
malfunction Above 300m/s*s(above 30G)
environmental temperature -20℃- +70℃(can not freeze)
environmental humidity Above 95%RH
Note:1. The value list on is initial value
        2. When type is different, it is alos different from the listed content

1, life value refers to the value of ambient temperature 5-35 degrees Celsius, around humidity 40-70% RH.
2, the service life of handle. Plunger type is above 20 ā ten thousand times ( operating stroke 5mm).
3, the operating stroke of handle 40℃, piston type operating stroke is 5mm.
4, piston type is 1mm/s - 0.5 m/s.

Specifications table

Structure of Explosion-Proof Stroke Switch
Structure of Explosion-Proof Stroke Switch