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Multi-Rotary Electric Actuator


Multi-Rotary Electric Actuator
Multi-Rotary Electric Actuator

Part of the rotary valve electric actuator is used to butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valves and throttle baffle, etc, to do 90 degree rotary valve. Q is for one-piece type, DQ for the superposition type (Z type electric fitting add secondary reducer). It is used to control valve open and close or adjust, can remote control, also can on-site operation. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, food, textile, paper making, pharmacy, water and wastewater treatment and other departments.

According to environment, it can be devided into: Q,DQ for oudoor type, QB for explosion-proof, QZ for integral, QT for adjusting type.
This product performance accords with JB/T8528-1997 "normal type valve electric actuator technology conditions" regulation, Flameproof performance accords with GB3836.1-2000 “the explosive environment general use of explosion-proof electric devices”, GB3836.2-2000 “the explosive environment use explosion-proof electric equipment and flameproof electrical apparatus "d"” JB/T8529-1997 “flameproof valve electric actuator technology conditions”. And through the national anti-explosive electric product quality supervision and inspection and testing center, getting the flame-proof certification.