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Pneumatic Lock Valve


Pneumatic Lock Valve
Pneumatic Lock Valve

Shanghai Enine ZPB-201 type pneumatic locking valve is one auxiliary unit of pneumatic unit combination instrument. When the instrument air system malfunction, locking valve can cut off regulator and the valve channel automaticlly, makes the valve in original position, to ensure the process normal running, until the source fault is eliminated, return to normal work. Therefore, pneumatic locking valves are used in important automatic control circuit as a safety protection position.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

1.temperature -20-+60℃,relatuve humidity≤95%
2.environmental vibration frequency:≤25Hz,amplitude<0。2mm
3.the given pressure adjustable scope:0。8-2。5Kgf/cm2
4.passage pressure:0。2-2 Kgf/cm2
5.response;≤0。15 Kgf/cm2 flow ≥1。5m3/h