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Pneumatic Valve Locator


Pneumatic Valve Locator
Pneumatic Valve Locator

ZPQ type pneumatic valves locator is main matching meter in industrial automation of pneumatic actuators, can be used for improving valve position of linearity, overcome the stem friction and eliminate regulator unbalance force influence etc, so as to ensure the valve position according to the regulative instrument 20-100KPa air pressure signal proportional relation, realizing correct positioning. Pneumatic valves locator can match pneumatic actuators, also can be quipped with pneumatic piston actuators, can match straight travel, also can configure angle stroke regulating actuator. Therefore, Shanghai Enine pneumatic valves locator is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, textile, paper and other industrial automation, is the indispensable product in industrial automation instrument.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

air supply pressure (MPa): 0.14~0.7
input signal pressure(Kpa): 20~100、20~60、60~100
environmental temperature(℃):-25~ +40
relative humidity(%):5~100
anti-vibration rate:5~150Hz(acceleration 20m/s2)
cam characteristic: inear
gas-type fitting:ZG1/4〞
Main materials: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, NBR
installation mode: side installation

intrinsic error %
signle action:±1.0
double action:±1.5
back differential %
signle action:1.0
double action :1.5
dead zone %
signle action:0.4
double action:0.6
air supply pressure change influence %
signle action:1.0
double action:1.5
air consumption I/h(marks)
signal action:450
double action:1000