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PS Series Electric Actuators


PS Series Electric Actuators
PS Series Electric Actuators

PSL, PSQ actuators are German PS Automation GmbH manufacturer of actuator. PS series electric actuators can be used for adjustment of pipeline valve and throttle and controlof open and close, and its main features are as belows:
(1) integrated structure design, location transmitter and servo amplifier are as two independent components can be directly installed into the actuators, directly accept 4-20mA control signal, output 4-20mA or 1-5VDC position feedback signal, with self diagnosis function, use and calibration is very convenient.
(2) function modular structure design, through the combination of different optional function, realizing the control from simple to complex, meeting different requirements.
(3) simple structure, small size, light weight, easy to install and maintain, mechanical parts adopt CNC machining, consummate craft.
(4) transmission adopt small gear tooth gap seal, with high efficiency, low noise, long service life and stable and reliable, without refueling, etc.
(5) has a variety of speed, can satisfy the requirements of various control system to ensure the system stability and rapid response.
(6) PSL series valves connections adopt flexible disc springs, can avoid the impact of stem and the output shaft to valve, can preset valve cut-off to ensure the reliable shutoff, prevent leakage.
(7) PSQ series have torque switch protection, can prevent the damage of stem caused by overlarge torque.
(8) drive motor adopts high performance magnetic material production of rare synchronous motor speed, smooth operation, has the advantages of small size, large torque, anti-block, high control precision,etc.
(9) It can be installed piecewise adjustment, namely the double time scale adjustment output signal control two actuators (4-12mA corresponding PSL1 fully open and close, 12-20mA corresponding PSL2 fully open and close).
(10) valve position feedback element uses total-sealing high-precision multiturn potentiometer, small volume, high precision, small dead zone and long service life etc.
(11) adjustable travel, convenient for valve connection.
(12) all electrical components are world famous brand products, reliable quality, long service life.
(13) electrical components rigorous wiring and completely isolated from transmission components and improve the reliability of the actuator operation.