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Resistance/Current Valve Position Converter


Resistance/Current Valve Position Converter
Resistance/Current Valve Position Converter

ET-R/I is the resistance variation value of using electric actuator as the feedback potentiometer, transform into 4-20mA DC valve position current signal output, used for valve opening indicating and controling. It is widely used in angle stroke and straight travel electric actuators.

1, input:
As for one kind of 500Ω~ 5KΩ potentiometer, as one of the electric actuator acting as valve position feedback potentiometer usually is 1K, when ordering please indicate used potentiometer resistance.
2, output:
Usually is 4 ~ 20mA DC. Used for opening indicator and control.
3, power supply:
Usually is 220V, the special requirement can customize.
4. external dimensions of converter,
length, width and height is 80 x50 x 30mm