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Siemens Valve Locator


Siemens Valve Locator
Siemens Valve Locator

Simple operation—not need special programming training
Through the built-in LCD display and three control keys to operate the locator on site.
Can use button for automatic and manual and configuration state switchover. In PC computer install SIMATIC PDM software to remote control and monitoring.
Automatic initialization - fast automatic initialization can be in a few minutes, through simple menu for automatic initialization set.
In this process, the microprocessor can determine the zero point, terminal position, moveable direction and speed. From these items can determine the smallest pulse time and dead zone and take optimizing control.
Low volume--low volume takes the low cost running.
SIPART PS2 another remarkable characteristics is extremely low gas consumption. The traditional valve positioner in works, there will be many instrument air emissions or leakage, causing a greater demand of instrument air and high running cost.
Because of new piezoelectric valve technology, SIPART PS2 in valve inaction, won't be any instrument air discharge, and deliver in the required time.
The rich diagnosis functions---make every event under control, the new SIPART PS2 can provide more parameters and additional diagnostic information.