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Solenoid Directional Valve


Solenoid Directional Valve
Solenoid Directional Valve

When the system needs to realize program control or two-position control, need to equip with solenoid valve. Choose solenoid valves, except to consider AC, DC power and voltage, frequency, must pay attention to the relationship between solenoid valves and adjusting acting type. If you want to enlarge the relationship solenoid valves and regulator acting type, can equip with "normal open type" or "normal close type". If demand to increase the capacity of the solenoid valve, to shorten the time for action, can use two solenoid valves or taking solenoid valve as pilot valve and large capacity pneumatic electric combination usage. Solenoid directional valve is equipped with manual control device,when the power is in malfunctions or power off, can turn the screw for adjusting, makes the pneumatic actuators and valve responses to the original position.
1, single-electric solenoid valve: the valve opens or closes when power on, when power off, valve closes or open.
2, double electric solenoid valves: when one coil power on, the valve opens; and another coil power on, the valve closes, with energized memory function.