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Straight Stroke Electric Actuator


Straight Stroke Electric Actuator
Straight Stroke Electric Actuator

DKZ type straight travel electric actuators can equipped with DDZ-Ⅲgauge, can also equip with assemble and TA instrument meter. It is powered by 220V power supply, accepting unification of standard signal 20mA 4, and change it the input signal corresponding linear displacement axial, automatically control valves or other terminal agencies, or completed automatically adjusts the task, or with electric device implement manual remote control. It is widely used in power plant, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, etc.industrial departments regulating system. Shanghai Enine Flow control equipment Co.,ltd produced straight travel electric actuators have continuous adjustment, manual control, on-site hand three control methods. Using DKZ type straight travel electric actuator automatical system need to equip with ZPE-3101 servo amplifier, DFD-1000 type electric operation, the can realize automatic regulating system no no disturbance switching of manual and automatic.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

input signal:Q-10mA、DC、4-20 mA、DC
input resistance:220Ω(Ⅱ), 250Ω(Ⅲ)
input passage:3 isolated passage
intrinsic error:±2.5%
back differential:±1.5
dead zone:≤3%(1-3% adjustable)
pure lug:≤1s
power supply pressure:220V、AC、50Hz
environment conditions:(1)environmental temperature: actuator≤-10-+55℃ (2)relative humidity: actuator≤95%

Specifications table

Seat No. type out thrust(N) out stroke (mm) full stroke time(s)
4000 10 8
16 12.5
25 20
6400 40 32
60 48
  1600 60 37
100 62