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Straight Travel Electronic Electric Actuator


Straight Travel Electronic Electric Actuator
Straight Travel Electronic Electric Actuator

3601L series straight travel electronic electric actuator uses 220V AC single-phase power as a power driver, accept DG4-20mA or DC1-5V control signal from regulator to run electric actuators. Electronic control unit is designed as box shape, casting by resin; Motor adopts AC reversible motors, Driving feedback test uses high performance conductive plastics potentiometer, it is a high reliable economic type product with 1, 250 resolution. Shanghai Enine flow control equipment Co.,ltd produced straight travel electronic electric actuators are adopted for adjusting actuators, almost have adjust its own needed action transform function and opening signal functions (4-20mA) and manual function etc.

Technical parameters and performance indicators

control signal:DC4-20mA、DC-5V(When external wiring is farther, avoid using DC1-5V)
output signal:DC4-20mA、DC1-5V
Operation: Using switch to change positive and reverse action
adjustable scope:zero ±25%  stroke 20%-100%
allowed environmental temperature: normal type  without space heater: -10-+60℃ with space heater: -35-+60℃ flame-proof type:-10-+60℃
allowed vibration:bellow 1.5g(g is acceleration of gravity)
relative humidity: normal type bellow 95%
explosion-proof marks:ExdⅡBT4

Specifications table

type rated output power (N) speed (mm/sec) stroke (mm)
3601LSA-10 1000 4.2 0~30
3601LSA-20 2000 2.1 0~30
3601LSB-30 3000 3.5 0~60
3601LSB-50 5000 1.7 0~60
3601LSC-65 6500 2.8 0~60
3601LSC-100 10000 2.0 0~100
3601LSC-160 16000 1.0 0~100
3601LSC-250 25000 1.0 0~100
3601LXA.B.C 25000 1.0 0~100