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Angle Float Control Valves


Angle float control valves controls the liquid height of the water pool or tower. There is a specially reinforced nylon diaphragm inside it, which separates the valve into upper and lowers two cavities. When the water level in the system gets to the set one, the floating pilot valve closes first and then the main valve to stop water supply, and when the level is lower than the set one, the floating pilot valve opens automatically and then the main valve fills the water pool with a great deal of water. This valve features by the easy installation, saving installation space, simple maintenance, flexible and durable and accurate level control, no disturbance by the level from the water pressure, reliable performance and separate installation from the main and control valves.

Angle Float Control Valves
Angle Float Control Valves


DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
D 160 180 195 215 245 280 335 405 460
D1 125 145 160 180 210 240 295 355 410
H 125 145 155 175 200 225 275 325 375

Typical Installation

Typical Installation of Angle Float Control Valves