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Corrosive-Resistant Pumps

Corrosive-Resistant Pumps
Corrosive-Resistant Pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter 25 - 150
  2. Flow Rate (Q) 3.6 - 190 (m3/h)
  3. Lift Head (H) 16 - 64 (m)
  4. Lift Head (H):7 - 35 (m)
  5. Power Consumption 0.75 - 40 (kw)

Features And Applications

The Series AFB / FB corrosive-resistant pumps are single-stage, single suction cantilevered centrifugal pumps, designed and manufactured based on an advanced hydraulic model. The products have the compact structure, the high energy-efficiency to operate smoothly and reliably. These corrosive-resistant pumps are used for transporting particle-free corrosive liquids at temperature between -20 - 105 °C. The inlet pressure should be no more than 0.2 MPa. The corrosive-resistant pumps are applicable to the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, synthetic fibers, pharmaceutical, food and brewery industries, as well as to water supply and sewage drainage systems of industrial and municipal facilities..