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Vertical Multi-Stage Single Suction In-Line Pumps

Vertical multi-stage single suction in-line pumps
  1. Outlet Diameter 25 - 100
  2. Stage 2 - 12
  3. Flow Rate (Q) 2 - 72 (m3/h)
  4. Total Lift Head (H) 24 - 150 (m)
  5. Power Consumption 1.1 - 30 (kw)
  6. Suction 4.5 - 7.5 (m)

Features And Applications

The Series GDL pumps are vertical multi-stage, single suction, in-line pumps, remodeled from Enine's Series ISG, the single-stage, single suction, in-line centrifugal pump. With the stainless steel outer cylinder the products take up very small floor to install and operate smoothly and quietly. These vertical multi-stage, single suction, in-line pumps are used for water supply of residential areas and commercial facilities such as hospitals, hotels and business buildings, as well as for cooling circulation of air-conditioning systems.