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Direct-Acting Pressure-Reducing Valves


The water-using pressure reducing valve made in our company is used in various building's water supply system, fire-fighting system, central air-conditioning system and warming systems. It is used for the pressure reduction of branch pipes so as to have the water supply pressure distributed more reasonably, to avoid over-pressure of partial water supply and optimize the water supply of high buildings. And it can replace the frequency-adjusting speed variable water pump of the quarters and the water pump of the quarters in the fire-fighting water supply system. When it is used in the household water supply system, it can protect all tape halters and other water utensils.


a. Using a directly acting membrane structure, with very simple internal structure, without jamming reliable performance and durable. b. Dirt-resisting and water filth preventing, no need of the filter and the by-pass pipe, very simple pipe-fitting which saves a great deal of space and pipe-fitting cost. c. Adjusting outlet pressure precisely, which is not influenced by the inlet one, in general conditions (the variable of the output pressure is 8% of Δ P1). d. Extremely good hydraulic performance, small pressure loss, the pressure reducing ratio can be up to over 10:1. e. Capable of satisfying multiple pressures reducing requirements, especially suitable for the branch-pipe pressure reducing system.


Technical parameters

Type Model PN(MPa) DN(mm) Way of connection Body material Outlet pressure (MPa) Working temperature
Branch-pipe pressure reducing valve YZ11X-16T, YZ11X-25T 1.6, 2.5 15~50 Inner thread Bronze 0.05~0.6
YZ11X-16P, YZ11X-25P Stainless steel


DN Dimensions(mm) Weight (Kg)
mm In A B C fG
15 1/2 31 60 76.5 59 1.2
20 3/4 31 75 76.5 73 1.2
25 1 36 88 85 81 1.4
32 11/4 42 93 98 81 1.5
40 11/2 45 98 102 85 2
50 2 54 130 117 98 2.65

Typical installation

Typical installation
Typical installation